About Me

I graduated from MIT in 2018 in Mathematics. I especially studied (and was interested in) abstract algebra. I also did a lot of coding, and enjoy continuing to do so.

I am currently a stay-at-home husband and dad to my wife Haley and daughter Mary Thérèse. In this vein, I have become very interested in cooking. I voraciously consume cookbooks, and consider myself to have gained considerable mastery over, insofar as a home cook can, French and American cuisines (both ‘haute’ and ‘home cooking’).

Though my degree was ultimately in math, I was really more interested in Greek and Latin and some philosophical subjects, including media criticism and Feminist studies. I had great experiences at MIT meeting interesting people in all of these fields, including Prof. Brinkema, Prof. Lerna, Prof. Frampton, and Prof. Colaizzi. These meetings and the conversations I had with them have been more valuable than anything else.

I have played the piano since I was seven years old. I love music, and especially love baroque music. Bach is the master! In college, I had a foray into Catholicism. Though brief, it was long enough for me to become a church organist. I continue to play the organ and be interested in its music and liturgics in general. I am additionally studying voice with the award-winning Zoe Vandermeer.

I am bisexual and have carried on non-traditional relationships in my life. Though I am interested in media criticism related to “LGBTQIA+” (or whatever) topics, I have found myself very disappointed with “queer theory” and similar academic formulations.